Day 781. 

Art is hard. 

Today it’s hard because it always seems unfinished. When you’re making a garment or a meal, there is a hard line in the sand where you know you’re task is completed. 

Art has no such line. Which is both liberating and frustrating. 

Day 782. 

Today I published a portfolio site for graphic design alone. 

I started applying for jobs that center around art instead of the current field I’m in. 

Ever have one of those moments when you realize that you’re an artist? Yeah. 

It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world. 

Day 808. 

Now that I’ve finished my bachelors, I’ve decided to head on over to the MFA side of life. 

Of course any googling of “graphic design MFA” yields SCAD. 

So here goes. I have until November to decide on a visual problem to solve. 

Wish me luck and anxiety medication. 

Day 929. 

I’ve been getting into snowboard design and I realized how much I miss the culture and the mountains. Maybe someone will hire me as a house artist and I can finally move west. 

I’ve also been learning that I have a style and that it’s ok that it’s not perfect or not like anyone else’s. 

People love all kinds of art. Speaking of, I’m in my first local art show this week. Pretty exciting! Hopefully it goes well and maybe I’ll even sell some pieces. 


Day 952. 

I stumbled upon a book about snowboard graphics yesterday and fell back in love with the eccentric world that is snowboarding. 

I’ve been a snowboarder for 12 years on and off and I’ll admit I purchased my current deck and setup based heavily on color and graphics. 

It occurs to me that these snowboard manufacturers need artists to design said graphics. 

Cue creative brain gears turning…