Day 952. 

I stumbled upon a book about snowboard graphics yesterday and fell back in love with the eccentric world that is snowboarding. 

I’ve been a snowboarder for 12 years on and off and I’ll admit I purchased my current deck and setup based heavily on color and graphics. 

It occurs to me that these snowboard manufacturers need artists to design said graphics. 

Cue creative brain gears turning…


Day 961. 

I hate doing works with political themes. It seems like such low hanging fruit.  

But I suppose if you can’t get something off your mind, you put it on canvas eh? 

I’m entering my first art show this spring. Very excited. My first work is politically themed and is near to my heart. 

It’s on my instagram if you all wants to check it out. 


Day 980. 

It’s my birthday. 

As I turn 31 today, I realize how far I’ve come in the last year. I’ve finished school and given art back the place in my life it truly deserves. 

I have genuine friends who help me through life no matter the ups or downs. 

I think people are apprehensive about aging. Im welcoming my 30s with open arms. 

Day 988. 

Social media is an essential part of the hustle. 

In 2017, if you don’t have a social media presence you might as well not work. 

The thing I hate most about this is how obsessed with followers and likes I’ve become. 

I have (currently) 92 followers on my instagram and 168 or so on my Facebook page. 

Instagram fluctuates depending on what I post. Anything with a cat? +10 followers. Anything Jewish? -3 followers. Oy. 

I hate that art has now become about what faceless others think of it. Isn’t art for the people by the people? Isn’t it a form of self expression? Shouldn’t it be your way and not to pander? 

I think the key to success in any facet of life is to stop worrying about what others think of your actions and products and just create. Just do. Just make. 

Constantly seeking validation from random strangers online who’s only qualification to judge your work is whether or not they can double tap will only breed frustration and art that isn’t true to your vision. 

Day 990. 

It’s cold here in STL and I’ve been sick so I took myself out for a hot meal at my favorite Filipino restaurant. 

(Guerilla Street Food if you’re in the area.)

Im sitting next to two gentleman who work in a restaurant and they’re talking about their ideas and ambitions for their business. 

I’m so lucky to have rediscovered art in my life and to be in a city that fosters artistic endeavors. 

I hope those gentleman are very successful. They deserve it. 

Day 1005. 

Today an art project I’ve had in my head for a bit made its appearance. 

It’s called the Human Contact Project. The main focus is to bring a sense of humanity back to the technology we use to communicate with those we love. 

You can check it out on my Behance profile:

Human Contact Project

I really love this project and I hope it gets to see the light of day. Thanks for your support! 

Day 1019. 

Hand lettering is so beautiful and expressive. 

Truly an art form to appreciate and idolize. 

Hats off to my fellow artists who have mastered this. It’s incredibly frustrating to me but I’m learning and practicing. 

Keep making the world beautiful lovelies. 

Sidebar: today marks the day I officially got kicked out of an urban exploring site during a photo shoot. Police were almost called. It was almost superbly dramatic.