Day 653.

A close friend of mine suggested doing original pieces for art shows instead of my printed postcards.

For a long time I’ve really admired the beauty of the darker half of our existence. Most people don’t even notice is cause they’re too busy preparing for what’s next. Tomorrow perhaps starts some sketches towards this idea.

It’s been a long time since I took a long held idea and fleshed it out. Good luck everybody.


Day 668.

Really working hard to not buy things I don’t need or that I can never actually see myself using (hey I needed those black velvet boots ok).

Picking up some prints of my new work next week so I can sell them at the Chanukah craft fair.

Also stay tuned for some oven baked mugs. Should be a rockin’ good time.

Stay tuned!

Day 781. 

Art is hard. 

Today it’s hard because it always seems unfinished. When you’re making a garment or a meal, there is a hard line in the sand where you know you’re task is completed. 

Art has no such line. Which is both liberating and frustrating.