Day 1019. 

Hand lettering is so beautiful and expressive. 

Truly an art form to appreciate and idolize. 

Hats off to my fellow artists who have mastered this. It’s incredibly frustrating to me but I’m learning and practicing. 

Keep making the world beautiful lovelies. 

Sidebar: today marks the day I officially got kicked out of an urban exploring site during a photo shoot. Police were almost called. It was almost superbly dramatic. 

Day 1020. 

I love Illustrator. 

This may not sound like a shock coming from a graphic designer but there was a time I used to avoid Illustrator like the plague. 

I didn’t understand the pen tool or the live paint option. The eye dropper was my enemy. 

But one day I opened that irritatingly non user friendly program and decided I was going to become it’s master. I now make symphonies in Illustrator and can live paint with the best of them. 

Never let a computer program get you down fellow designers! 

Day 1038. 

You never realize how much junk email you get until you’re sitting at a computer all day and are waiting for client replies. 

I don’t care about your sales World Market!

….ok fine I do. 


Sometimes the most important thing we can do as photographers is put our cameras down. There are parts to life that are better witnessed with the naked eye and saved to the mental hard drive.